these are all food related and none actually edible unless you have pica (:

extraterrestrial pancake man
. __.

the gardenhead mentions that this guy here would prolly make for a pretty solid children's story, and i was already thinkin as much so that verywellmay happen in the future. i've definitely wanted to make childrens books for yearsuponyears now, so PFT WHY NOT V:

peachplumpear fruits inspired by the song of the samename by joanna newsom, fingerstringqueen. i feel like the stuff i draw is always so heavily reliant on my inking, that maybe it wouldn't be as recognizable as my own without it. or just not as good or something. these and similar thoughts have lead me to the belief that i should push myself outside of these comfortrealms and try new things out. nextup: ACRYLIC. cause, DAMN i've had these white vans in a box for like two years now and they need some friggen paint. u ⌂u

THE YOLKER, COURT JESTER AND CHAMPEEN OF... YOLKS D: in all seriousness, s'what i'd totally dub myself were i court jester to the king and whatnot. i found a buncha drawings that were just BEGGING me to befinished. i'm alright with leaving somethings to the dust--there's alot of stuff i started on, forgot about, then came back months later only to nolonger like the thing enough to go on with finishing it. these few half-inked or only penciled paperpeople need to be saved, though. on the other hand, i have a weird, uneasy feeling about going back to work on older stuff. i forever feel like i should place my time to something FRESH, that littlevoice back there is irking at me to start something new because i can do muchbetter than i could months before. and while, yes, i do believe that voice because time is partnered with practice which does nothing but benefit me, there are concepts and ideas i simply cannot abandon. there's meaning there i can't let go of.

ahbut, feels good to finally crack myself down on the old arts. gonna try to post stuff everyday, at least sketches or progress of whatever i'm working on if it's something big. then again, i DO like things to be released into the wild as SURPRISES. s'why i usually don't do progress shots or anything. surprise is wise and morebest than the rest :^D

WHELP off to craft up the mines. or draw. its always one of those <>__<>


  1. Ronica Again1/06/2011 9:18 PM

    I tried to post a comment like 3 three times and none of them showed up so I hope this isn't the fourth. If so, sorry. I emailed you....twice. And I wanted to say that this has been my favorite post thus far. I loooove little fruities and yours are simply delightful. I really love mr. Peach. I love reading your blog. I have surprises for you!!! Oh and question: do you draw in pencil first or do u start and complete them in colored pencils?

  2. there are always little subtle things about your art that remind me why i like it so much. the way you did the peach guys glasses frames is so cool

  3. @ronica: i start most things in pencil, iguess cause i never know where imma go with it so i like to keep my potential options open that way. (: ALSO i got yer letter, need to write you back POST HASTE. i will refrain for speaking further on this as to leave my snailmail with fresh content :DD

    @saply: yeah, the peachdood is the only one i'm happy with really. people seem to like these fruit peeps alot, and i'm all MEH about em XD also, thankyou for the sweetwords as always (: