headbud speculation and a tardy duck V:

daydreamin bout having a better camera and bugfeelers on my head. i really do need to break the habit of getting suckedinto each and every thing i put down on paper. i can never simplysketch something, i start and blink and hours have passed i'm covered in marker and the paper is soaked through with everycolorimaginableee!!! upon laying down the initial lines i tend to treat the thing like it's a coloring book, apparently. o __o which isn't so bad in EVERY aspect, those kind of tendencies just keep me from practicing regularly. also, i realized i hadn't ever posted my 2010-2011 holiday card here, so BAHMF:

i didn't get to customize them asmuch as i wanted due to moneycraps, but it IS a fatburd so i am a happypants. (: ALRIGHT i'm keepin this one short because i have another something to speakabout that deserves its own entry :^DDD!

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