the perpetual skulltap of poopoo

this is now the beginning of my newest sketchbook, incase its left someplace along my hopefullyfuture travels V: ihavent been doing somuch as of late, with my physicalself imean, aside from loafing and drawing and occasionally reading. living with mark is the bestest and ormondbeach trumps philadelphia in almost allways possible. ive never lived in aplace where the air is amazingly clean and beautiful all ofthe time, where the streets arent covered in filthandgrime. ACCIDENTAL RHYME. beens on the internets lots more recently too, seeing how im no longer employed and all my time is devoted to arting and goofinoff. all kinds of people in the world depicted in allhonesty at all times and im stillsurprised daily.

to view the whole video click HERE. its lengthy but a mustsee if you giveahoot about any of this stuff. there was a goodportion of my life where i stayedsafe inside my head, impenetrable by all savefor what oozed in through this tiny crack which eventually broke my safeheadhaven WIIIIIDE OPEN V: im prettygrateful for this, since theres not much true living to be done inside ones own head. (:

UPDATE!: i just foundout all these pecans ibeen eating for days are CHOCK FULLA BUGS DDD: ican only imagine the army of creepycrawlies assembling in my intestines as i type with this souramusement spread cross my face B:


k pa sa

its amazing how muchbetter i feel now that im drawing again! it doesnt define me, but completes me in a way. or rather, ifeel all stopped up when im not tappin the skull everyday like this. BUT NOW ITS TIME FOR BED BECAUSE YAY TOYSTORY3 TOMORROW! :DDDDDDDDD


charmic ACTION

AND SO IT BEGINS: a new place before a new path to start a new journey upon OH HOW I WILL REMEMBER EACHANDEVERY PEBBLE NOMATTER HOW SMALL ALONG THE WAY sike ihave super lamebrains akin to a goldfish. SO. lessee here. ivebeen drawing AN EFFTON, at least compared to what i beensqueezin out this past year or twp. my wells had its reasons for runnin so dry. BUT NO LONGER. ive already drawn up two comics me and markbutts have written together and now i gots this branspankinew blogmo here and HOPEFULLY in a month or so the actual comic site will be up AND ALLEYES WILL BE INVITED TO THE GRAND OPENING :DDDD im really excited and ive been workinghard most days, slackin off less and less. its neat getting all this time to spend on JUST ART and not have craplame jobs suckin up all my timenergyLIFES everyday. effin sweet i tell yah. BUTYES. follow thishere thingmo if youre interested in keepin up with the makings i magically poopout (: theres also some icons i made on the side there that go to otherplaces i amYAY FOR THE INTERNETS.