i haf sickface

so this will be short and sweet. click on the pics to my their matching uploads on flickr to read more about em, if you wish. (:

i feel silly uploading things to multiple places sometimes but do it anyways since i know different people prefer to view stuffs at different places. swhy im on deviantart, flickr, tumblr @__@ i have twitter too, but im not sure what to do with that thing. i can only internet so much! i care about this space firstandforemost though--it feels like my own little hideawaycove that other peoples can sail to on a whim and indulge in the shapesandcolors living inside me. there was a long period where i stopped sharing and posting online though, so i feel things arent as intimate as id like them to be. i have to update more and fill it all up like a satisfied tummy, even if theres not many people stopping by to share these things with me. myhead is full of sick and all i can think about is minecraft and drawing so AWAY WE GOOOO