shirts and stickers on the redbubble train! CHOOCHOO

ive decided to put the shirt designs ive made up on red bubble! :^D they use 100% cotton american apparel shirts, and have the widest selection of shirt colors available of all the shopjoints out there. and STICKERS TOO! STICKERSSSS :DDDDDD i can make anything into stickers! soawesome. their layout is a little weird though--if you select a design right from the profile it only shows the shirt option. you have to select "view all clothing" and then choose designs from there to have the tab at the top show up, which has the sticker and kids clothes buttons ripe for the clickin. hopefully it isnt TOO confusing but yes. EXCITEMENT. my pickleriders design is featured on their front page today too, which made my morning an extremelyhappy one :^D check out this screenshot i took:

its probably not as cool/special as i think it is but ohwell. happypants ANYWAY :DDD today is a good oppositeday to yestertimes when my creeper shirt was dropped from the running on threadless. i thought that might happen, seeing how youd have to be familiar with the game to understand what the shirts about, and to appreciate my rendition of the greenman. im pretty fond of him though--i just wish the cobblestone blocks were more clear in the shirt view on the site. im sure theyll look fine on the shirt but i dislike crap being misrepresented. B: anywho, here we go:

i dig the leggies most of all. spindly like a spider, optimally formed for the besterest sneakin and creepin. <>__<> AHHOKAY i am leaving you now, my dearest blorg. imust have myself a stretch and a sandwich, for all this phalangical movement has left me FAMISHED.

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