new shirtdesign AND MOAR V:

ive got another shirt design up at threadless! click the happyfluffy bunnycloud to hop on over to the voting page :^D and HERE for a larger view! i feelreally good about this one--iwas disappointed the pickleriders got such a low score BUTALSO understand that it was prolly weird to most people who therefore arent soeager to wear it on their frontplace V: ahwell. iwouldnt mind at all if i didnt really need the moneys right now, which is why i set aside webcomicworkings to put my time+energy to things that will earn some more immediate dough sos i can pay bills and crud. soon as me and the gardenhead are more financially stable i can get backtowork on the comic and otherprojects i have in mind! n__n im otherwise prettyhappy, money is the only true stresser in my life rightnow.

hmm, iguess i havent updated this in a while, as theres been some other stuff i drewed since lastpost. not that it matters muchly since i update flickr and deviantart pretty frequently but LESSEE HERE V:

fig. 1: a selfportrait of sorts. imean, my hair isnt greenYET. cause of the poorbutts situation and all. plus im growing it out tooooo but. i want it to fade from brown to greens so it has this neat thing going on where it looks like its turnin to moss. IT WORKS REALLY WELL IN MY HEAD ATLEAST. not thatmy head hasnt been green or anyother color of the spectrum at onepoint or another but i got this super specific image up in my thanktank i hopeihopeihope i can achieve. but yeeeah im prettysure i got my creepface down real good here.

THIS would be a tattoo commission i finished recently (for a friendlykindfolk gentleman) that im actually very proud of. yahsee, i dont often sketchout stuff as a preliminary--what i draw stays on onepaper from pencil to ink to colors. this time though, i thought id be all professionalike and start with a smallsketch on some lined paper sos i wouldnt wear down the good watercolorpaper with all that erasin later on. HOOHOOH WHATTAYAHKNOW the sketch came out more or less spoton perfect in both mine and the gentlemans eyes, and i was left to upscale that image EXACTLY freehand. NEVER EVER AGAIN I PROMISE because i hadto draw that thing like threetimes til i got it right and istill like the tinydeerhead a babybit more. here is the sketch that has tormented me so--LOOK AT IT LOOK:

<>_______<> BURNINHELL DEVILTWINS <>_______<> its cool though, cause ilearned a thing or two, itwas good practice. im awfully grateful for all the commission work ive been getting lately, it helps IMMENSELY. honestlytruly. im even drawing stuffs for marksmomma! secrethiiiings. andand OOP my amazinglittlebrothers birthday is coming up, i know exactly what imma draws him! SO EXCITEDJDSFDSFD :DDD ill prolly start on that tomorrow. ikindawanna take some pictures of the bikers here for him too BECAUSE IT IS GODDANG BIKETOBERFEST I AM SO DOUBLEXCITED #___# i live in this little town thats basically RIGHTNEXT to daytona SO SWEETASS i get to see gnarly old doods riding around everywhere on fathogs for a week :D! a buncha guys have like officedeskjobs and are all straightliving and whatnot and then for one week in theyear they put their bikes in a trailer, hitch em to the back of their cars and driiiiiive on down to florida for YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH BIKETOOOOOBERFEST OWWWW SUCK IT TIES I BEEN GROWIN MY BEARD OUT FOR THREEWEEKS NOW IM OUTTA THIS PIECE TO GET WASTED IN DAYTONA REVEREVREV MY SWEETENGINE AND WATCH HOTCHICKS DANCE IN CAGES /yeseriouslyiswear.

okay im gonna go fiddle with my layout more cause EGADS i totallywrote more than enough for now. BUT THATREMINDS ME the new sherlock tvshow is pretty nifty sofar, steven moffat and mark gatiss of doctorwho are behind this reboot so its no joke. B) that is all.


  1. I googled ya. Love that you're doing art.

  2. the most perfect lovely creep face ever