prints and burds!

OH MYLANTA i finally got some prints in my store :^D take a look if you pleaseee. gonna spend the next couple of days thoughtbrewin up some tshirt designs, methinks. mayhaps for threadless specifically, because i sincerely need the dough. i wonder if you get the rights for your design back if yourshirt sells out or whatever and they choose not to reprint ?_? things to ponder uponder upon. oh, and here, haf a rhino:

markbutts cut his finger on a pudding o __o
and then proceeded to get blood allover everything he was wearing o__ o
i fixed it and cleaned everything up and later when he washed his hands he tookthe bandaid off cause he was "all better" and proceeded to open it backup and get blood on everything again :^D RHINO FIGHTING FIERCE AGAINST ADORABLE STUPIDITY :^D

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