IT IS MY SISTURS MAGICAL WONDERFUL TWENTYFIRST BIRTHDAY TODAY :D shes a biggurl now and will never need to borrow my id again. its almost sad, but not really, cause shes still a baby n__n wellokay no, shes probably more growed up than i am in alot of ways but thats cool daddyo. imiss her alots since i moved, and i havent had the chance to miss many people in my alivetime since past, so this is a newthing for me. MISSING PEOPLE AND THINGS WOW, WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS MUSHMASH OF FEELING? i can make it intoarts, i suppose. yeah, lets try that (:

anywhosis, here is the card i made and sent to her through the mail of snails:

ialso found the following randomly on pixiv, by an artist who draws many a delightfully plump bird :^D my sisters nickname is and hasalwaysbeen BEAN, so it is relatededed:

speaking of pixiv, i have been posting lots of art ifind there on my tumblr, so followAWAY if youre interested in feasting your roliepolies on amazing shapes and colors from the east! i post stuff i find on deviantart and elsewhere that i adore aswell, im just on a pixiv kick as of late. and i wanna share so LETMELETME DO n__n   http://weja.tumblr.com/



    fuh real

  2. WEJAAAAAAA i'm so glad i was able to find you on tumblr and on blogspot! haha i feel like i'm confessing my love (WHICH I KIND OF REALLY AM) for you (and your foreverkickass art). i used to watch you back on deviantart manymany years ago and then being stupid i stopped using it and haven't seen your art since!
    your use of colours never ceases to amaze (&hypnotize) me~
    haha hope i didn't come off too strong... just really excited to be able to see your work again! :'m

  3. misskelly you are sweet as sugarpie n __n imglad you enjoy the things imake so much NOW I WILL PUMP ART OUT FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR. ihad no idear abouts anyof that though. thankyou for sharing with me. made me all warms and gushy inside (: