i reworked a shirtdesign that i made years ago into something i am much more satisfied with--i didnt want to see it go to waste, i still really like it! so uhm yes. pickle riders. (: please clickon the image above and VOTE--it would mean the absolute most to me in the wholewideworld right now. aaaand if it becomes you to do so, scoring it a "5" and then checking off the "id buy it" boxes on the right would be MAGNIFICENT, but only if that would be conveying your true feelings on the design. (: thankyouthankyou thankyoutahbnykjtrkjyt n____n



IT IS MY SISTURS MAGICAL WONDERFUL TWENTYFIRST BIRTHDAY TODAY :D shes a biggurl now and will never need to borrow my id again. its almost sad, but not really, cause shes still a baby n__n wellokay no, shes probably more growed up than i am in alot of ways but thats cool daddyo. imiss her alots since i moved, and i havent had the chance to miss many people in my alivetime since past, so this is a newthing for me. MISSING PEOPLE AND THINGS WOW, WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS MUSHMASH OF FEELING? i can make it intoarts, i suppose. yeah, lets try that (:

anywhosis, here is the card i made and sent to her through the mail of snails:

ialso found the following randomly on pixiv, by an artist who draws many a delightfully plump bird :^D my sisters nickname is and hasalwaysbeen BEAN, so it is relatededed:

speaking of pixiv, i have been posting lots of art ifind there on my tumblr, so followAWAY if youre interested in feasting your roliepolies on amazing shapes and colors from the east! i post stuff i find on deviantart and elsewhere that i adore aswell, im just on a pixiv kick as of late. and i wanna share so LETMELETME DO n__n   http://weja.tumblr.com/


threadless shurt: UNICORN :DDD

i finally put my oldfella unicorn up for scoring on threadless AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. please go vote for him, id superduper appreciate it! n___n

unicorn - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


prints and burds!

OH MYLANTA i finally got some prints in my store :^D take a look if you pleaseee. gonna spend the next couple of days thoughtbrewin up some tshirt designs, methinks. mayhaps for threadless specifically, because i sincerely need the dough. i wonder if you get the rights for your design back if yourshirt sells out or whatever and they choose not to reprint ?_? things to ponder uponder upon. oh, and here, haf a rhino:

markbutts cut his finger on a pudding o __o
and then proceeded to get blood allover everything he was wearing o__ o
i fixed it and cleaned everything up and later when he washed his hands he tookthe bandaid off cause he was "all better" and proceeded to open it backup and get blood on everything again :^D RHINO FIGHTING FIERCE AGAINST ADORABLE STUPIDITY :^D

wejamof birf :B