a why eel

WHUPWHUP ijust got the howls moving castle booker from barnes and noble :^D im curious about the differences from the movie--cause in the neverending story, forexample, theres tons of WONDEROUS WORLD you dont get in the film thats super abundant in the novel. still prettymuch my favorite movie, though. ANYWHO i didnt know there was a novelsequel to howl, so thats another reason to stick my nose innit. books and movies made to spark unripened minds are SWELL. (:

ive kinda put comicstuffs on hold for the nowtime so i can work on some things that can aide me inthe feedingmyface and payingmybills area V: commissions and printarts, to be specific. SOFAR! as soon as i get the necessary mailerstuffs the couple of prints ive gotten made up will be on etsy! im super excited, having never sold my arts in such a way before o__o it sends shiversup my new bookspine.

iam currently drawing a turtle ofsorts, but until thatguy is finished feelfree to gobble up the following with yer rollypolly squishy eyemeats n___n

iwanna givebirth to morecreatures and moreworld that suits them # __#


  1. wtf i just finished reading howls like 3 days ago. its reeeeeeally good!!!!!!! all i will say is that the beginning starts out a lot like the movie but then it evolves into almost an entirely different story @_@ but i think you will like it~

  2. everything here is beautiful :O