commissionseses :^D

IM DOING THEM :^D if you were ever mullin over asking me about drawin something for you NOW IS THE TIME. i have no money and would be focusing on personal projects if this werent the case. just send an email over to sunbrineATgmailDOTcom, and we can talk anyoldthing over. dont be shy now (:

here are some tattoos ive recently been commissioned for n__n

im workin on this turtlecreature right now, but sadly i penciled it out onto this canson mixed media paper i got BEFORE I REALIZED IT WAS SHIT. noseriously, the worst paper ive ever laid markers, ink, watercolor, and EYES upon. sucks up watercolor INSTANTLY, same with markers. and my inkpen just bled willynilly all over the dang place D: MIXED MEDIA INDEED. i wish there was some cheapaper that would takeawesomely to watercolor that wasnt noticably textured, thatway i could use coloredpencil optimally on it as well. i heard that arches hotpress stuff is madsweet but itll be a while til i can afford such extravagant fibers # __#

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  1. i use a canson drawing pad for markers and coloured pencils, it cost like 2.50 on sale and inking with sharpie pens doesnt bleed like at all. i dont know how it would work with paints and watercolours yet but its good thick paper so i dont think it would disintegrate