i haf sickface

so this will be short and sweet. click on the pics to my their matching uploads on flickr to read more about em, if you wish. (:

i feel silly uploading things to multiple places sometimes but do it anyways since i know different people prefer to view stuffs at different places. swhy im on deviantart, flickr, tumblr @__@ i have twitter too, but im not sure what to do with that thing. i can only internet so much! i care about this space firstandforemost though--it feels like my own little hideawaycove that other peoples can sail to on a whim and indulge in the shapesandcolors living inside me. there was a long period where i stopped sharing and posting online though, so i feel things arent as intimate as id like them to be. i have to update more and fill it all up like a satisfied tummy, even if theres not many people stopping by to share these things with me. myhead is full of sick and all i can think about is minecraft and drawing so AWAY WE GOOOO


shirts and stickers on the redbubble train! CHOOCHOO

ive decided to put the shirt designs ive made up on red bubble! :^D they use 100% cotton american apparel shirts, and have the widest selection of shirt colors available of all the shopjoints out there. and STICKERS TOO! STICKERSSSS :DDDDDD i can make anything into stickers! soawesome. their layout is a little weird though--if you select a design right from the profile it only shows the shirt option. you have to select "view all clothing" and then choose designs from there to have the tab at the top show up, which has the sticker and kids clothes buttons ripe for the clickin. hopefully it isnt TOO confusing but yes. EXCITEMENT. my pickleriders design is featured on their front page today too, which made my morning an extremelyhappy one :^D check out this screenshot i took:

its probably not as cool/special as i think it is but ohwell. happypants ANYWAY :DDD today is a good oppositeday to yestertimes when my creeper shirt was dropped from the running on threadless. i thought that might happen, seeing how youd have to be familiar with the game to understand what the shirts about, and to appreciate my rendition of the greenman. im pretty fond of him though--i just wish the cobblestone blocks were more clear in the shirt view on the site. im sure theyll look fine on the shirt but i dislike crap being misrepresented. B: anywho, here we go:

i dig the leggies most of all. spindly like a spider, optimally formed for the besterest sneakin and creepin. <>__<> AHHOKAY i am leaving you now, my dearest blorg. imust have myself a stretch and a sandwich, for all this phalangical movement has left me FAMISHED.


NOT minecraft related ))):

i drewed up this nifty thang out of watercolors i carelessly splotched down in my sketchbook. its sofun to do that "findingshapes and forms and makingscenes thing" in no-thought randomblurb colors. i havent done it in a while, and its something i always enjoyed doing eversince i was a weeone SO HERE WE HAVEIT.

I AM BEING PRODUCTIVE TODAY because idont have my laptop! its broken! its a defective model! and hp didnt recall it and instead just extended their warranty by a year! im boned! :^D its been overheating since a few months after i got it, which was about two years ago. it gets incredibly hot from normal use and shuts down unless i have an external fan running underneath it, and even when i DO it still overheats and turns off like once a week on average. i forgot i had a protection plan with bestbuy (which i got cause im clumsy as eff and know i am prone to breaking any/everything) until recently, took it there and itll be back to me in about three weeks. the dood who helped us said he was surprised i got it to last that long and that i could get it to run photoshop at all, andalso told me i musta taken awesomecare of it :^DDD SO IT WASNT MY FAULT. i was glad to learn that i do not have hands of fail. the heatsink was bustedcrap and there are other major flaws with the model, apparently. i will never purchase another hp anything again. ill make due with my fixed dud until i can afford a new laptop, which i will probably get from newegg. B:

butyeah, guess ill be doing alotmore drawing and alotless internetting. which is good. i startoff researching something and then WHEWBOY am i easily distracted. i have puppy genes. im using the good ol gardenhead setup right now though, which is weird cause he uses this monsterouslyHUGE tv as his monitor so im constantly zooming in on everything cause its waaaay over there o__o my eyessss @___@ okay so im gonna eat this here honeycrisp apple, sittin on these cleansheets i just pulled from the dryer and made the bed with THEY SMELL LIKE FRISKYFIELDS OF FRAGRANT FOLIAGE. or tide, one of those for sure V:



my little brothers birthday passed recently. he turned 10. hes been asking me to draw him as a ninja turtle since he was like three. considering the occasion, i finally gave in. BEHOLD THE FUNKIEST RABBIT IN ALLHIS MAGNIFICENCE V:

okayso ninjaturtleanthony surflying through the sewers on the back of his dog tomo--that is what youre seeing here. those green puffsmokeclouds are stank propelling fumes o _o yes so moving on.

i called him on his birthday and we had an hourlong conversation about books, poop, videogames, and HIS JOURNEY THROUGH PUBERTY. which was awesome okay so like. he got really excited when he got pubes a while back, he kept calling them PUBICS though :^D so talking on the phone with him he brings them up and then starts talking about this superlong one he has that he is particularly fond of:


then he starts counting his armpit hairs and its weird cause apparently he has about 38 under one arm and only 4 under the other o __o iduno what happened there but i was laughing and he goes "HAY DONT MAKE FUNNA ME IM SENSITIVE ABOUT IT YOULL HURT MY FEELINGS" to which i reply somethinglike "HAHA NO YOURE NOT YOU THINK ITS FREAKIN FUNNY V:" and he goes "oh yeah you got me lolol"

he is so weird i love him fifty elephants full of love j 3j

ps here are some great pictures of him:


just finished something for the gardenheadmomma but i forgot to scan it before i handed it over to her so OOP itll have to wait a few more days before any of the internets sees the thing. ah well B: OFF TO DRAWWWWWWWand watch mark play supermeatboy for five hrs V:


new shirtdesign AND MOAR V:

ive got another shirt design up at threadless! click the happyfluffy bunnycloud to hop on over to the voting page :^D and HERE for a larger view! i feelreally good about this one--iwas disappointed the pickleriders got such a low score BUTALSO understand that it was prolly weird to most people who therefore arent soeager to wear it on their frontplace V: ahwell. iwouldnt mind at all if i didnt really need the moneys right now, which is why i set aside webcomicworkings to put my time+energy to things that will earn some more immediate dough sos i can pay bills and crud. soon as me and the gardenhead are more financially stable i can get backtowork on the comic and otherprojects i have in mind! n__n im otherwise prettyhappy, money is the only true stresser in my life rightnow.

hmm, iguess i havent updated this in a while, as theres been some other stuff i drewed since lastpost. not that it matters muchly since i update flickr and deviantart pretty frequently but LESSEE HERE V:

fig. 1: a selfportrait of sorts. imean, my hair isnt greenYET. cause of the poorbutts situation and all. plus im growing it out tooooo but. i want it to fade from brown to greens so it has this neat thing going on where it looks like its turnin to moss. IT WORKS REALLY WELL IN MY HEAD ATLEAST. not thatmy head hasnt been green or anyother color of the spectrum at onepoint or another but i got this super specific image up in my thanktank i hopeihopeihope i can achieve. but yeeeah im prettysure i got my creepface down real good here.

THIS would be a tattoo commission i finished recently (for a friendlykindfolk gentleman) that im actually very proud of. yahsee, i dont often sketchout stuff as a preliminary--what i draw stays on onepaper from pencil to ink to colors. this time though, i thought id be all professionalike and start with a smallsketch on some lined paper sos i wouldnt wear down the good watercolorpaper with all that erasin later on. HOOHOOH WHATTAYAHKNOW the sketch came out more or less spoton perfect in both mine and the gentlemans eyes, and i was left to upscale that image EXACTLY freehand. NEVER EVER AGAIN I PROMISE because i hadto draw that thing like threetimes til i got it right and istill like the tinydeerhead a babybit more. here is the sketch that has tormented me so--LOOK AT IT LOOK:

<>_______<> BURNINHELL DEVILTWINS <>_______<> its cool though, cause ilearned a thing or two, itwas good practice. im awfully grateful for all the commission work ive been getting lately, it helps IMMENSELY. honestlytruly. im even drawing stuffs for marksmomma! secrethiiiings. andand OOP my amazinglittlebrothers birthday is coming up, i know exactly what imma draws him! SO EXCITEDJDSFDSFD :DDD ill prolly start on that tomorrow. ikindawanna take some pictures of the bikers here for him too BECAUSE IT IS GODDANG BIKETOBERFEST I AM SO DOUBLEXCITED #___# i live in this little town thats basically RIGHTNEXT to daytona SO SWEETASS i get to see gnarly old doods riding around everywhere on fathogs for a week :D! a buncha guys have like officedeskjobs and are all straightliving and whatnot and then for one week in theyear they put their bikes in a trailer, hitch em to the back of their cars and driiiiiive on down to florida for YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH BIKETOOOOOBERFEST OWWWW SUCK IT TIES I BEEN GROWIN MY BEARD OUT FOR THREEWEEKS NOW IM OUTTA THIS PIECE TO GET WASTED IN DAYTONA REVEREVREV MY SWEETENGINE AND WATCH HOTCHICKS DANCE IN CAGES /yeseriouslyiswear.

okay im gonna go fiddle with my layout more cause EGADS i totallywrote more than enough for now. BUT THATREMINDS ME the new sherlock tvshow is pretty nifty sofar, steven moffat and mark gatiss of doctorwho are behind this reboot so its no joke. B) that is all.




i reworked a shirtdesign that i made years ago into something i am much more satisfied with--i didnt want to see it go to waste, i still really like it! so uhm yes. pickle riders. (: please clickon the image above and VOTE--it would mean the absolute most to me in the wholewideworld right now. aaaand if it becomes you to do so, scoring it a "5" and then checking off the "id buy it" boxes on the right would be MAGNIFICENT, but only if that would be conveying your true feelings on the design. (: thankyouthankyou thankyoutahbnykjtrkjyt n____n



IT IS MY SISTURS MAGICAL WONDERFUL TWENTYFIRST BIRTHDAY TODAY :D shes a biggurl now and will never need to borrow my id again. its almost sad, but not really, cause shes still a baby n__n wellokay no, shes probably more growed up than i am in alot of ways but thats cool daddyo. imiss her alots since i moved, and i havent had the chance to miss many people in my alivetime since past, so this is a newthing for me. MISSING PEOPLE AND THINGS WOW, WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS MUSHMASH OF FEELING? i can make it intoarts, i suppose. yeah, lets try that (:

anywhosis, here is the card i made and sent to her through the mail of snails:

ialso found the following randomly on pixiv, by an artist who draws many a delightfully plump bird :^D my sisters nickname is and hasalwaysbeen BEAN, so it is relatededed:

speaking of pixiv, i have been posting lots of art ifind there on my tumblr, so followAWAY if youre interested in feasting your roliepolies on amazing shapes and colors from the east! i post stuff i find on deviantart and elsewhere that i adore aswell, im just on a pixiv kick as of late. and i wanna share so LETMELETME DO n__n   http://weja.tumblr.com/


threadless shurt: UNICORN :DDD

i finally put my oldfella unicorn up for scoring on threadless AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. please go vote for him, id superduper appreciate it! n___n

unicorn - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


prints and burds!

OH MYLANTA i finally got some prints in my store :^D take a look if you pleaseee. gonna spend the next couple of days thoughtbrewin up some tshirt designs, methinks. mayhaps for threadless specifically, because i sincerely need the dough. i wonder if you get the rights for your design back if yourshirt sells out or whatever and they choose not to reprint ?_? things to ponder uponder upon. oh, and here, haf a rhino:

markbutts cut his finger on a pudding o __o
and then proceeded to get blood allover everything he was wearing o__ o
i fixed it and cleaned everything up and later when he washed his hands he tookthe bandaid off cause he was "all better" and proceeded to open it backup and get blood on everything again :^D RHINO FIGHTING FIERCE AGAINST ADORABLE STUPIDITY :^D

wejamof birf :B


commissionseses :^D

IM DOING THEM :^D if you were ever mullin over asking me about drawin something for you NOW IS THE TIME. i have no money and would be focusing on personal projects if this werent the case. just send an email over to sunbrineATgmailDOTcom, and we can talk anyoldthing over. dont be shy now (:

here are some tattoos ive recently been commissioned for n__n

im workin on this turtlecreature right now, but sadly i penciled it out onto this canson mixed media paper i got BEFORE I REALIZED IT WAS SHIT. noseriously, the worst paper ive ever laid markers, ink, watercolor, and EYES upon. sucks up watercolor INSTANTLY, same with markers. and my inkpen just bled willynilly all over the dang place D: MIXED MEDIA INDEED. i wish there was some cheapaper that would takeawesomely to watercolor that wasnt noticably textured, thatway i could use coloredpencil optimally on it as well. i heard that arches hotpress stuff is madsweet but itll be a while til i can afford such extravagant fibers # __#


a why eel

WHUPWHUP ijust got the howls moving castle booker from barnes and noble :^D im curious about the differences from the movie--cause in the neverending story, forexample, theres tons of WONDEROUS WORLD you dont get in the film thats super abundant in the novel. still prettymuch my favorite movie, though. ANYWHO i didnt know there was a novelsequel to howl, so thats another reason to stick my nose innit. books and movies made to spark unripened minds are SWELL. (:

ive kinda put comicstuffs on hold for the nowtime so i can work on some things that can aide me inthe feedingmyface and payingmybills area V: commissions and printarts, to be specific. SOFAR! as soon as i get the necessary mailerstuffs the couple of prints ive gotten made up will be on etsy! im super excited, having never sold my arts in such a way before o__o it sends shiversup my new bookspine.

iam currently drawing a turtle ofsorts, but until thatguy is finished feelfree to gobble up the following with yer rollypolly squishy eyemeats n___n

iwanna givebirth to morecreatures and moreworld that suits them # __#


the perpetual skulltap of poopoo

this is now the beginning of my newest sketchbook, incase its left someplace along my hopefullyfuture travels V: ihavent been doing somuch as of late, with my physicalself imean, aside from loafing and drawing and occasionally reading. living with mark is the bestest and ormondbeach trumps philadelphia in almost allways possible. ive never lived in aplace where the air is amazingly clean and beautiful all ofthe time, where the streets arent covered in filthandgrime. ACCIDENTAL RHYME. beens on the internets lots more recently too, seeing how im no longer employed and all my time is devoted to arting and goofinoff. all kinds of people in the world depicted in allhonesty at all times and im stillsurprised daily.

to view the whole video click HERE. its lengthy but a mustsee if you giveahoot about any of this stuff. there was a goodportion of my life where i stayedsafe inside my head, impenetrable by all savefor what oozed in through this tiny crack which eventually broke my safeheadhaven WIIIIIDE OPEN V: im prettygrateful for this, since theres not much true living to be done inside ones own head. (:

UPDATE!: i just foundout all these pecans ibeen eating for days are CHOCK FULLA BUGS DDD: ican only imagine the army of creepycrawlies assembling in my intestines as i type with this souramusement spread cross my face B:


k pa sa

its amazing how muchbetter i feel now that im drawing again! it doesnt define me, but completes me in a way. or rather, ifeel all stopped up when im not tappin the skull everyday like this. BUT NOW ITS TIME FOR BED BECAUSE YAY TOYSTORY3 TOMORROW! :DDDDDDDDD


charmic ACTION

AND SO IT BEGINS: a new place before a new path to start a new journey upon OH HOW I WILL REMEMBER EACHANDEVERY PEBBLE NOMATTER HOW SMALL ALONG THE WAY sike ihave super lamebrains akin to a goldfish. SO. lessee here. ivebeen drawing AN EFFTON, at least compared to what i beensqueezin out this past year or twp. my wells had its reasons for runnin so dry. BUT NO LONGER. ive already drawn up two comics me and markbutts have written together and now i gots this branspankinew blogmo here and HOPEFULLY in a month or so the actual comic site will be up AND ALLEYES WILL BE INVITED TO THE GRAND OPENING :DDDD im really excited and ive been workinghard most days, slackin off less and less. its neat getting all this time to spend on JUST ART and not have craplame jobs suckin up all my timenergyLIFES everyday. effin sweet i tell yah. BUTYES. follow thishere thingmo if youre interested in keepin up with the makings i magically poopout (: theres also some icons i made on the side there that go to otherplaces i amYAY FOR THE INTERNETS.